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Zen Rocks Mani
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 28 reviews
by Michael Focusing on Zen Rocks Mani

Maria Shi-Fo and I have known Vivi and Eraj for many years through NYSY Studios, Avocado restaurant, etc. But we've never visited Zen Rocks Mani. So, we went yesterday. And what an experience it was! The place is really LOVELY. It incorporates the quality of people Vivi and Eraj are and that of everything they're doing. So, we decided to attend one of this summer's events. We are truly looking forward to it!

by Bernd Bender on Zen Rocks Mani

I had the pleasure of co-leading a Zen&Yoga retreat with my friend Vivi in early June. My words cannot convey what a haven of peace, love and generosity Zen Rocks is. Vivi and Eraj, great congratulations and thank you very much!
Staying at Zen Rocks you will experience luxurious, well-designed accommodation that in itself gives you peace of mind. The food was prepared with love and consisted of a creative mix of Greek and Indian dishes. But above all it is the beauty of nature and Vivi's authentic care that will touch your heart.

by Νάνσυ Χιτζανίδου on Zen Rocks Mani

Η αισθητική των κατοικιών, και γενικότερα του συγκροτήματος, είναι εξαιρετική, και δένει απόλυτα αρμονικά με την ομορφιά και τη ηρεμία του τοπίου. Τα πάντα χαρακτηρίζονται από άρτια ποιότητα και λιτή πολυτέλεια.  Η εξυπηρέτηση ήταν άψογη, πολύ φιλική και διακριτική. Μέσα στη σιωπή της φύσης, με τη θέα της θάλασσας και τη γαλήνη των ελαιόδεντρων, βρήκαμε και πάλι την επαφή με τη δική μας εσωτερική σιωπή, που τόσο έχουμε ανάγκη! Αν και πολύ κοντά στις κλασσικές εστίες κοσμικής ζωής της περιοχής (Καλαμάτα, Καρδαμύλη), η γαλήνη του "Zen Rocks" μας έδωσε τη δυνατότητα να ανακαλύψουμε εκ νέου την κυριολεκτική σημασία της έννοιας "Αναψυχή". Θα το ξαναεπισκεφθούμε οπωσδήποτε!

by Julia Scharfenberger on Zen Rocks Mani

 The place is very magical, the view is awesome, you feel very close to nature and it is super calm and an amazing place to meditate and do yoga.

 I loved that we did yoga & meditation at different places (down in the shade, with view on the sea and the zen circle as well as on the yoga deck) as well as that we practised different styles of yoga.

 The new yoga deck is a very nice & special place to do yoga & watch the sunset - really stunning!

 You were wonderful hosts, always so friendly, warm welcoming, doing the best to meet everyone's prefereneces & expectations, guided us, super flexible.

 A huge thank you that you organized visiting the olive press, the museum, the gallery and so on and that everyone made time for us.

 I loved the secret taverna's and spots you took us.

 The rooms are very very nice and of a very high qualiuty, too. There is love in every detail and it is organic, bio, clean, the nets to keep the mosquitos out are super! Great, big shower, everything very clean, nice sinks.

 The food was very delicious and one can taste the fresh and local ingredients.

 I liked that people joined us and it felt like a huge family/friends getting together.

 A special thank to Kay, she was amazing and everyone liked her a lot, thank you that she came earlier to practice yoga with us.

 I liked the costum of reading the 5 contemplations and being thoughtful about the prepared meals.

 I enjoyed getting to know the authentic life, meeting people and seeing how real life is.

 I love that you offer different yoga retreats and have teachers from all over the world over to inspire people.

by Jackie Mohanna on Zen Rocks Mani

Every attention to detail has been met. Beautiful, panoramic ocean views nestled among the ocean and ancient olive groves in the mountains. A wonderful place to make home, for a respite, rest, and relaxation. Eating healthy, delicious, vegetarian foods, having the support of the staff and the lead /owner Vivi Letsou. Who has practiced and taught Yoga and mediation for decades. She will make certain you are taken care of and supported. The Mediterranean Sea is so special to swim in and relax in the sun. a fifteen minute drive. Be sure to order the local drink Cappuccino Freddo to cool you off.

by Fani on Zen Rocks Mani

Zen Rocks Mani combines mountain, sea and rocks in a unique way. Everything is in perfect combination with nature and you feel like Home! It is a place with an ultimate view while searching the ultimate truth! Zen Rocks Mani is a Vivi s & Eraj s co-creation & I am grateful having been there, longing to visit them again! ?

by Areti Mathioudaki on Zen Rocks Mani

I feel only deep gratitude for spending a long weekend in Zen Rocks  A beautiful scenery filled with quietness and the calming scents of the herbs, a wholehearted welcome by the hosts, a sense of belonging and connection with yourself as well with everything and everyone surrounding you, and apart from all that a great source of inspiration about how our life could be! Thanks a lot, Vivi and Eraj, from the bottom of my heart!!!!

by Marijke Van Remoortere on Zen Rocks Mani

Fabulous place, true connection with the nature and with yourself. The week of yoga retreat did so good to me! Thank you for your warm welcome and the delicious food!

by Mahtab Mansour on Zen Rocks Mani

Zen rocks est un lieu magique, le paysage magnifique à perte de vue change avec la lumière, et vous berce avec la douceur, je me suis senti enveloppée par une énergie incroyable .j’ai passé un week- end mais certainement à refaire et plus longtemps, et un grand merci à nos hôtes Vivi et Eraj.

by Colleen Brown Waight on Zen Rocks Mani

I was here in September on a fabulous yoga retreat.....this place is so special ....the food was amazing as well as the accommodations and what a view!!!! Vivi is such a wonderful host and kind person. This place is truly magical with great energy !!!!

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