Zen and Yoga Retreat: Meeting Face to Face – Finding True Intimacy in the Practice of Zen with Linda Galijan, Greg Fain, Vivi Letsou

Zen and Yoga Retreat –Meeting Face to Face Finding True Intimacy in the Practice of Zen.

Fully engaging body and mind through Zen meditation and Abhaya yoga, we will become deeply intimate with our own experience, welcoming whatever presents itself in our awareness. Coming home to our own true being, we will explore what it takes to truly allow ourselves to be seen by another, and how we can see another human being, just as they are.

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Refresh & Renew I: Yoga & Zen Meditation Retreat with Vivi Letsou

Let this vacation be not just a mere vacation but a total LIFE TRANSFORMATION.
Are you ready to feel good all over again? To feel powerful, healthy, alive, and open to fall in love with every moment in life, every being, and especially the most intimate ONE inside YOU?Our potential for energy, creativity, and well-being is limitless. Yet, our daily stress and self-imposed limitations are constricting this natural flow of energy.

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The Circle of the Way: Zen Practice and Yoga

Photos from our last Zen-Yoga Retreat in Mani

Join long time Zen teachers Linda and Greg for a week of daily morning Zen Meditation, lectures on finding the stillness and vitality through connecting with these qualities inwardly, and one-on-one practice discussions (dokusan) with both. Linda combines a compassionate approach and her psychologist background in her teaching and dokusan sessions, while Greg makes Zen come alive in each one of us with his uplifting sense of humor, zest for life, and authentic sense of interconnectedness. Yoga practice with Vivi will help revive our bodies, shake off any rustiness from our muscles and joints, and have a great sense of aliveness. Daily swimming, delicious vegetarian meals, and awesome company will have us feeling that we never want to leave the Circle of the Way ever again.

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Flow of Consciousness Retreat with Vivi Letsou

Flow of Conciousness with Vivi Letsou

Flow of Consciousness:  Over this magical weekend Vivi Letsou shares experiences and practices from:   ♥ The tantric text Spanda Karikas Sutras as it was taught by Sally Kempton in Sicily, Sept 2017 ♥ Zen Meditation ♥ Dynamic Asana Practice ♥ Pranayama Techniques   + Delicious Vegetarian Meals in the quietness of Nature & the […]

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