Principle-Based Partner Yoga™ Training Level II

Partner Yoga Teacher Training

Partner Yoga: Training Level II with Elysabeth Williamson & Gina Lee | 35hrs practicum – 40hrs total | Pre-requisite: Level I

Level II Training is an opportunity to review, deepen and expand the practices and postures while exploring more advanced techniques. Subjects such as ‘Partner Yoga Therapy, Bringing Partner Yoga to Mainstream populations, Integrating Principles into our Daily Lives will be included.

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Iyengar Yoga Retreat: From the roots to the sky

Iyengar Yoga Retreat

An Iyengar Yoga Retreat with Kristina Assimakopoulou. From the tips of the toes and heels to the crown of the head and fingertips… We will journey together and experience how correct alignment can help us ground ourselves, create space within and lift us upwards!

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LIFE TRANSFORMATION: Refresh & Recharge Retreat IV

Sue Elkind's Retreat at Zen Rocks

There is no higher achievement than discovering our pure self and greater loss than dying without knowing who we are.
When we discover our pure self we become aware of life’s purpose.
This fills us with newfound vigor, vitality, enthusiasm, and the conviction that finding life’s purpose is our destiny.

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LIFE TRANSFORMATION: Refresh & Recharge Retreat ΙΙΙ

Yoga at Zen Rocks Mani

Get ready to feel great as layer upon layer of stress and tension shed from your body and mind. The secret key to limitless energy lies in you:  Breath, Movement, Meditation, and Deep Rest through Yoga Nidra, will help you to recover this key to total restoration.

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LIFE TRANSFORMATION: Refresh & Recharge Retreat ΙΙ

LIFE TRANSFORMATION: Refresh & Recharge Retreat

When was the last time we felt fresh, happy, and alive, just like we did when we were children? This retreat in the heavenly healing embrace of nature in Mani has one single purpose: to refresh, recharge, and restore the spirit of health, energy, happiness and creativity in ourselves.

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A PRANA RETREAT with Petros Haffenrichter

A PRANA RETREAT with Petros Haffenrichter

Experience 6 amazing days in beautiful Mani, A PRANA RETREAT with Petros Haffenrichter. “The yoga sadhana – ancient wisdom without expiration date” on movement, breath, touch, concentration, meditation, sound, culture, nature & freedom.

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LIFE TRANSFORMATION: Refresh & Recharge Retreat Ι

Vivi Letsou doing Yoga | Zen Rocks Mani Retreat

A Life Retreat with Vivi Letsou

Let this vacation be not just a mere vacation but a total LIFE TRANSFORMATION.

Are you ready to feel good all over again? 

To feel powerful, healthy, alive, and open to fall in love

with every moment in life, every being, and especially the most intimate ONE inside YOU?

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Bhakti Yoga & Breathwork Meditation Retreat

Kay Ling

Zen Rocks is thrilled to have Kay Ling on site at our brand new facility in Mani for seven days and six nights to lead a powerful healing retreat. Surrounded by the magical beauty of nature and sea, this one week retreat has been thoughtfully crafted to provide an intimate experience of yoga practice, meditation and healing. Guests will also enjoy three organic farm to table meals per day, the option for massage, tons of sun bathing and beach time or whatever their heart, mind, and body require to feel fully rejuvenated – not only while at the retreat, but far beyond the retreat experience ends. “It’s not yoga if it only happens on the mat” Kay explains. This week long retreat is sure to help you release stuck energy that is preventing you from living the life you have always dreamt of .

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