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A PRANA RETREAT with Petros Haffenrichter

July 28, 2018 - August 2, 2018

| 1400€ FOR DOUBLE PERSONALISED LUXURY (DPL) | Double Room (extra night 200€) | Triple Room: 1,090€ (extra night 180€) | Dormitory: 990€ (4 people per room) (extra night 165€)
A PRANA RETREAT with Petros Haffenrichter

Petros Haffenrichter

Experience 6 amazing days in beautiful Mani


with Petros Haffenrichter

“The yoga sadhana – ancient wisdom without expiration date”

on movement, breath, touch, concentration, meditation, sound, culture, nature & freedom 


Petros Q & A


Yoga Physiology & Psychology – Awareness through Yogic practiceWhat makes any motion possible: the blink of an eye, the budding of a flower, the splitting of atoms or the fall of a meteor? Thousands of years ago, the yogis living in the shadow of the Himalayas fathomed the inherent quality of motion in creation and they called it prana. One may roughly translate the word prana as ‘energy’ or ‘vital force’, but neither definition offers a precise equivalent of the Sanskrit term that emerged from higher states of contemplation. The word prana assumes the quality of ‘livingness’. From the yogic point of view, the entire cosmos is alive, throbbing with prana.Prana is ever present in every aspect of creation. The prana within every created object gives existence and material form, whether it is a planet, an asteroid, a blade of grass or a tree. If there were no prana, there would be no existence. If prana were withdrawn from the universe, there would be total disintegration. All beings, whether living or non-living, exist due to prana. Every manifestation in creation forms part of a never-ending matrix of energy particles, arranged in different densities, combinations and variations. The universal principle of prana may be in a static or dynamic state, but it is behind all existence on every plane of being from the highest to the lowest.


Petros Haffenrichter

• How did you come to find the path of Yoga specifically?

My grandfather was co-founder of the german anthroposophic society where vedic philosophy, meditation and yoga was a key element to a holostic approach to life.

My father was practicing yoga every morning and practically every book in our house had to do with some form of philosophy, psychology, spirituality or arts.

With that kind family influence of course wanted nothing to do with all that 😉 but as I was trying to learn how to hold my breath for a long time to hang out under water for longer when I was 20, I figured yogis know best. So i went to a pranayama teacher in Greece – from there I found myself in all kinds of yoga teachings, feeling that these practices (asana, breath, concentration, dialogue, dedicated activities of attentiveness, sound, devotion, hanging with likeminded souls)  really resonated with me and felt so familiar.

On my path I met many known and unknow knowers of the field, and I always enjoyed spending time with them. All together I trust that your dharma finds you, rather than you go look for the right form of activity.

I teach yoga because it gave me the oppurtunity to emphasize what to my understanding is the most important practice in our time: kindness, nonviolence, the integrity of life and our responsibility to honor that.

• Has yoga helped you overcome any obstacles in your life?
There are no obstacles, but karmic information.

• What do you think is the most rewarding part of your being a Yoga Teacher or Yogi?
The satsang.

• What type of yoga do you teach/practice?
Hatha/raja, karma, bhakti, jnana.

• What is special / different about this modality?
All inclusiveness, integrity.

• How often do you practice yoga? 
Every day.

• How do you find time to practice/motivate yourself to practice in your daily life?
Life is the practice. Even if a mat is missing.

• Do you have any advice for yogis struggling to make time to practice yoga in their busy schedule?
Stop working. spend time in nature.

• Have you ever worked/currently work in charity and giving back?
I understand the teaching of yoga as a contribution to a higher state of collective awareness – sharing on all levels is one of the most important attitudes in life.

• What is your favorite quote about Yoga/Spirituality?

• In what ways do you incorporate selfless acts of service into your life? / What charity/outreach work have you done in the past/now/plan to do in the future?
I stick to the teachings:  do good, don’t talk about it. Be kind and share wherever, whenever, whatever you can offer.




Zen Rocks is a unique solitary paradise in nature, within driving minutes from sea and civilization. The retreat is situated in a magnificent and sacred spot in Southern Greece within the olive growing region of Kalamata in the Mani peninsula.

Zen Rocks is a pristine, stunning retreat center for yoga, healing, and meditation. It invites you to enjoy the absolute beauty of nature, swim at exquisite beaches, walk, hike, visit nearby charming villages, ancient sites, and Byzantine churches, or simply relax and let the magical essence of this place heal you.

Expect to be pampered in warm hospitality, complete with delicious meals using fresh local ingredients and their own organic olive oil.



* The DLP Package is a special package that includes, accommodation in double deluxe room, yoga or pilates classes, brunch-dinner, Holistic/ Ayurvedic Massage
 PLUS 1 Private Consultation with the retreat teacher or with our health therapist.

PERSONALISED HEALING PACKAGE (PHP) can be available at 200€ for all bookings.
 This package includes 1 Holistic/ Ayurvedic Massage PLUS 1 Private Consultation with the retreat teacher or with our health therapist.


July 28, 2018
August 2, 2018
1400€ FOR DOUBLE PERSONALISED LUXURY (DPL) | Double Room (extra night 200€) | Triple Room: 1,090€ (extra night 180€) | Dormitory: 990€ (4 people per room) (extra night 165€)
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Zen Rocks Mani Retreat
Unnamed Road, Ditiki Mani 240 16
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+30 6934 212 039


NYSY Academy
+30 210 3232004


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