Directions / Your Journey to ZRM


From Athens to Zen Rocks Mani with car: 3 hours (260 km) via A7

The retreat is located about 30 minutes South of the city of Kalamata, in a quiet olive grove amidst the sea and blue skies. The closest village to us is Kallianeika.

1. Drive on the new freeway from Athens to Kalamata, and be prepared to stop frequently for tolls.  Expect to pay around 15€ each way.  It may take you 2-2.5 hours to reach Kalamata.

2. Stay on the freeway and exit Kalamata heading towards Areopolis and Kitries.  After the freeway ends, you will pass Lidl, and a café called Cosi on the right, and then the road forks and you see a road sign. At this point you have the option of heading up towards the mountain towards Areopolis and Kardamyli, or taking a right towards the sea and Kitries.  You can reach us either way.  We are giving you directions through the coastal road here, as it may be easier to find our location this way.

3. Take a right towards Kitries and drive down the coast for about 10-15 minutes.  Right as you approach Kitries, the road goes uphill. There is a big retaining wall right in front of you, causing you to almost stop.  You see a road sign for Doloi.

4. Make a sharp left up the mountain towards Doloi.

5. Drive for 5 minutes until you reach the village of Kallianeika.

6. When you reach Kallianeika, stop in front of the church and set your odometer to 0.

7. Drive for one kilometer, and you will come to switch back turn where you will see a fence with big cacti and a huge rock. You are getting close.

8. Immediately afterwards, you see a second switch back turn. At this point leave the asphalt road and enter a smaller cement farm road.  Drive 300 meters on cement, and then another 300 meters of dirt road. At this point you will see the electrical posts and a cement road up on your left. This is our private drive way to Zen Rocks.

9. Go left on our cement road. It is a sharp incline.  Come up on first gear and full throttle.  Small cars will do fine if you know how to drive fearlessly.

10. Welcome to Zen Rocks. May you relax and enjoy.

As Zen master Thich Nhat Hahn says:  YOU HAVE ARRIVED!



Flights to Athens Airport

All major airlines fly to Athens international airport, called Eleftherios Venizelos. Zen Rocks is about a 2.5 hours drive from Athens. We can arrange a private transport for you and/ or your group, or you can rent a car to drive yourself to Zen Rocks. The ride is beautiful, and you can enjoy a direct ride along the new Athens-Kalamata highway, or you can make stops in places like the sites of Ancient Mycenae, Ancient Nemea, the city of Nafplion, and the town of Kalamata.

Flights to/from Kalamata

More and more there are direct and/or charter flights to the small airport of Kalamata from different European cities. Also, a new flight has just started from Athens to Kalamata regional airport. The flight is less than half an hour, and very reasonably priced at the moment.

While at Zen Rocks

While at the retreat, there will is no transportation available.  For your convenience, if you would like to hire a car for visits to the beaches (anywhere from 8 to 30 minutes away), or to the towns of Kalamata (30 minutes), Kardamili and Stoupa (30-40 minutes). Our office can assist you with your car rental reservation. Or you can make your booking directly.

Car Rental Recommendations

You can arrange a rental car or a private taxi pick-up with a travel agent who is very nice and is based in Mani. Her name is Dionysia; last name Triglida. Please see below info:

Telephone: +30 27210 64150



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