Map / Address of Zen Rocks


The Retreat is located about 30 minutes south of the city of Kalamata, in a quiet olive grove amidst a stunning nature spread of olive groves and rocky terrain. Kalamata is about a 2-2.5 hour drive from Athens on the Southern tip of the Peloponnese. Kalamata’s location marks the beginning of the incredible Mani, a peninsula stemmed by the magnificent Taygetos Mountain range, which also features some of the most picturesque seaside small towns, variegated beaches, byzantine churches, medieval Towers, and traditional stone-housed mountain villages.

The closest beaches to Zen Rocks are Kitries, about 6-8  minutes by car, while the nice beach town of Kardamyli, mentioned by Homer in the Heliad, is about 20 minutes by car. The historical and very culturally rich town of Kalamata is about half an hour by car.


Closest airports

Kalamata Airport 20.8 km


+30 6934212039
Kalianeika – Doloi Avias
Áno Dholoí, Peloponnese
24016 Greece

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