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Beaches and Water Sports in Mani | Kardamili

Kardamili is a spectacularly beautiful seaside village located in the Mani, the coast of Greece defined by travel connoisseurs as the New Côte d’Azur. Set dramatically against a backdrop of crystalline aqua-blue waters, majestic cypress trees, wild olive groves, verdant rolling hills and distant snowcapped mountains, it is one of the prettiest of villages that overlook the calm seas and splendid sunsets of the Messinian Gulf. It remains one of the south Mediterranean’s best-kept secrets: an exclusive, small, unspoilt resort that boasts stately villas, enchanting stone maisonettes, lush gardens and a picturesque harbour.

The older town includes a medieval castle and outworks, and the imposing church of Saint Spyridon. Many of the buildings of Old Kardamili were built by the Venetians and feature a mix of traditional Greek and Venetian design.

The area is filled with fantastic beaches: Ritsa, Belogianni, Salio, Tikla, Amoni, Santava. beaches

Stoupa Beach


Once a sleepy little town, in the past few years more and more tourists have discovered Stoupa. There are about 20 restaurants lining the road along the beach, a few small hotels, and many rental houses.

Stoupa beach, which is centrally located in the village, is a large sandy beach with facilities. You can rent pedal boats and canoes here, and there are sunbeds and parasols. It is also a good place to snorkel. Stoupa beach is the most popular beach of the village. The water is more steep here though than on Kardamyli beach.




Kalogria Beach, with its turquoise waters offers a rich marine life. The water is clear and warm; the sandy beach is long and easily accessible by car, motorcycle or bicycle. There are a couple of bars and restaurants on the northwest side of the beach, offering cool drinks and snacks. There is also a volleyball net.

One of the features of Kalogria beach is the upswelling of an underground freshwater spring about 100 metres (330 ft) out from the shore. It can be seen as a disturbance on the surface of the sea.

Beaches and Water Sports in Mani | Gerolimenas


Gerolimenas is a picturesque small coastal village in the municipal unit of Oitylo, at the southern end of the Mani Peninsula. Located at the end of a long natural harbor, Gerolimenas was an important port in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Gerolimenas is the most tourist-friendly place in this stark part of the Mani, with several hotels, tavernas and shops and a lively town beach.

Τhe name, which means “Old Harbour”, is thought to derive from the ancient “Ιερός Λιμήν” (Ieros Limen), meaning “Sacred Harbor”. One of the remotest settlements in the Peloponnese, until the 1970s it was reached mainly by boat.


Beaches and Water Sports in Mani | Limeni


Hidden away in the unique region of Mani in Peloponnese, Limeni is a literally coastal village. It is one of the nicest and most traditional villages of the region. The village is beautiful, with houses «over the sea». It combines the sea and the unique landscape.

Traditional and preserved by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture is a place where history, breathtaking views, natural beauty, inviting sparking deep blue seawaters, traditions, stone made tower houses dating from the 18th century literally hanging over the rocks on the shoreline, hills, mountains, and so many original tastes combine harmoniously together.

Located minutes away from Areopolis and Gythio and in close proximity even to Kalamata is a favored destination among those who know and search the real spirit of Greek hospitality. Limeni’s tradition is still live nowadays and if you are lucky enough you may experience storytelling by the elderly residents of the village.

The splendid sea is standing still calling you silently for a dive… The hills and mountains overlooking the med are inviting those more adventurous for an exploration…



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