Best Yoga Retreats in Greece | Mani Peninsula



In a magnificent spot in Southern Greece, the olive growing region of Kalamata in the Mani Peninsula,

a pristine, stunning Retreat Resort for Yoga, Healing and Meditation

is inviting you to CONNECT with your highest, more healthy, joyous SELF.

Join us in a special journey that will start with your own restoration and then ripple out into the world!



Luxurious accommodations, elegantly designed with local stone, wood & natural materials,

offer you comfort and a special invitation to relax and recharge

in the embrace of a stunningly beautiful, uniquely quiet, truly healing earth.



Zen Rocks is a quiet idyllic spot to rest and re-center body, mind, heart.

Our mission is simple: to help you regain your balance and wholeness through daily exercise

-both dynamic and restorative, meditation, breathing.

With delectable healthy meals and warm hospitality. 

Excellent experienced teachers will support you with love and care.

Come solo or with your partner/friend(s) in order to heal, deepen your practice, refresh and ReCONNECT.






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Best Yoga Retreats in Greece

Eraj and Vivi


Zen Rocks is the dream child of a visionary couple, Vivi Letsou, yoga master teacher, longtime Zen meditator, and Eraj Shakib, creative and compassionate entrepreneur.

Meet your Hosts

Statue at Zen Rocks Mani Retreat


Each human is an island of excellence.
Planetary happiness starts by reconnecting with our own personal well-being, our natural joie-de-vivre!  And thus we start.

Our Vision


Yoga practitioners and teachers, you are warmly invited to discover the healing qualities of our newly erected Retreat on the balcony of the Mediterranean Sea.

Deepen your Yoga Practice

HOLIDAYS in Greece


by Michael Focusing on Zen Rocks Mani

Maria Shi-Fo and I have known Vivi and Eraj for many years through NYSY Studios, Avocado restaurant, etc. But we've never visited Zen Rocks Mani. So, we went yesterday. And what an experience it was! The place is really LOVELY. It incorporates the quality of people Vivi and Eraj are and that of everything they're doing. So, we decided to attend one of this summer's events. We are truly looking forward to it!

by Bernd Bender on Zen Rocks Mani

I had the pleasure of co-leading a Zen&Yoga retreat with my friend Vivi in early June. My words cannot convey what a haven of peace, love and generosity Zen Rocks is. Vivi and Eraj, great congratulations and thank you very much!
Staying at Zen Rocks you will experience luxurious, well-designed accommodation that in itself gives you peace of mind. The food was prepared with love and consisted of a creative mix of Greek and Indian dishes. But above all it is the beauty of nature and Vivi's authentic care that will touch your heart.

by Νάνσυ Χιτζανίδου on Zen Rocks Mani

Η αισθητική των κατοικιών, και γενικότερα του συγκροτήματος, είναι εξαιρετική, και δένει απόλυτα αρμονικά με την ομορφιά και τη ηρεμία του τοπίου. Τα πάντα χαρακτηρίζονται από άρτια ποιότητα και λιτή πολυτέλεια.  Η εξυπηρέτηση ήταν άψογη, πολύ φιλική και διακριτική. Μέσα στη σιωπή της φύσης, με τη θέα της θάλασσας και τη γαλήνη των ελαιόδεντρων, βρήκαμε και πάλι την επαφή με τη δική μας εσωτερική σιωπή, που τόσο έχουμε ανάγκη! Αν και πολύ κοντά στις κλασσικές εστίες κοσμικής ζωής της περιοχής (Καλαμάτα, Καρδαμύλη), η γαλήνη του "Zen Rocks" μας έδωσε τη δυνατότητα να ανακαλύψουμε εκ νέου την κυριολεκτική σημασία της έννοιας "Αναψυχή". Θα το ξαναεπισκεφθούμε οπωσδήποτε!

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Zen Rocks is about 5 minutes away from the villages of Kallianeika, Doloi and Stavropigion.
The nearest beaches are Kitries, about 6-8 minutes away, and Kardamili about 20 minutes South.
A further drive down brings you to other beautiful beaches, both rocky and sandy,
and to the scenic seaside towns of Stoupa and St. Nicholas.
Some of the most memorable destinations and sightseeings
are the Diros Caves of Stalactites and Stalagmites,
the ancient ruins of Messene
and the house of the celebrated British writer Patrick Leigh Fermor, author of the book “Mani”.


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