Goddess Athena

Each human is an island of excellence” says one of my favorite teachers.

Building this retreat is a dream born out of the wish to see us as people regain our potential to be happy and whole, and rediscover our own excellence.  Also, to see humanity rediscover the way to live in harmony with nature and other beings, without using and abusing animals, resources, and other beings on the way.  Planetary happiness starts by reconnecting with our own personal well-being, our natural joie-de-vivre!  And thus we start. Your coming to Zen Rocks is our dream come true!

What are the ingredients necessary for this journey:

Nature: The earth is especially healing here. Otherwordly beauty, quietness, stillness.

Connection: Inner connection with our own self. 

Inter-connection with other supportive human beings. 

Exercise: Daily body conditioning. Open, stretch, expand. Strengthen. Feel Alive. 

Resting: Let the nervous system relax and unwind. Decompress. 

Retreat at Zen Rocks

Nourishment: Meals cooked with love and care & delicious local seasonal ingredients. 

Meditation: Daily relaxation and meditation restores health & energy levels. 

Massage: An excellent means to relief to the body and open the channels of energy. 

Elements: Connect with fresh air, solid earth/trees, sea & water, heating sun, spacious ether and refresh all our body elements. 

Community: A friendly supportive community is vital to help each of us blossom! 

Aim High: Reaching our highest potential on all levels of our existence and supporting each other on this goal could be our joint target.  Zen Rocks is a good place to start! 



In Swami Vivekananda’s words:

Awake, Arise

and stop not till the goal is reached.





Mission Accomplished?

Before coming to Zen Rocks,

take a minute to write down

your need and goal.

Let us see how we can help you

accomplish your goal.

Zen Rocks Mission in a Nutshell

Let us rediscover life,

regain our lost energy and vigor,

and rediscover our Higher Self…

Together, with harmony and compassion

for All beings!


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